Clarity Unveiled

Analytics Transparency

Embrace unparalleled clarity in your analytics with BlokID's Analytics Transparency. Our solution revitalizes the depth and precision of data insights, bridging the gap left by GA4 and bringing back the power of detailed analysis.

Insightful Analytics

Deep Dive into Data

Analytics Transparency by BlokID transforms your approach to data, offering a comprehensive view of user interactions. Rediscover the depth of Universal Analytics with enhanced, transparent reporting that drives smarter, data led decision-making.

Feature Highlights

Empowering Data Decisions

Enhanced Event Insights

Gain rich, detailed insights into user interactions. Our solution breaks down data complexity, offering clarity and actionable intelligence.

GA4 Transition Support

Smoothly transition to Google Analytics 4 with enhanced capabilities. Retain the depth of your analytics while moving to the latest industry standards.

Data Integrity Assurance

Ensure the integrity and accuracy of your analytics data. Our tools provide the reliability and trustworthiness needed in today's data-driven world.

Enhanced Security

Integrated with Key Platforms

BlokID integrates smoothly with Google Analytics, Meta, LinkedIn, DV360, Trade Desk, Xandr, and more, enriching your marketing toolbox with advanced, blockchain-powered features for optimal efficiency and precision.

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