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Our suite, including our Generative AI Creative Audit and Attribution & Privacy Audits, alongside our Made for Advertising Site Audit, Analytics Transparency, and Privacy Insurance are designed to address the most pressing challenges in ad tech. Explore each to see how they can transform your digital advertising campaigns with enhanced precision, privacy, and performance, ensuring a future-proof strategy in advertising technology.

Generative AI Creative Audit

BlokID's GenAI Audit solution leverages advanced AI algorithms and machine learning models to scrutinize GenAI-created ads across multiple dimensions, including brand safety, adherence to creative briefs, and compliance with legal and ethical guidelines. By automating the auditing process and providing actionable insights, we empower advertisers with the tools necessary to harness the benefits of GenAI while safeguarding their brand's integrity and navigating the complex regulatory landscape.


Attribution & Privacy Audits

Experience unparalleled clarity in ad attribution with our Attribution & Privacy Audits. Utilizing blockchain technology, this tool offers a verifiable, independent source of truth, resolving ad disputes and enhancing transparency in digital campaigns.


Privacy Insurance

Introducing the first-of-its-kind, blockchain-backed Privacy Insurance. This innovative solution offers robust privacy protection for your digital ads, seamlessly integrating with major advertising platforms to ensure brand safety in the evolving digital landscape.


Analytics Transparency

BlokID's Analytics Transparency restores detailed insights lost in the transition to GA4. Our solution brings back the power of Universal Analytics, providing in-depth event analysis to maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies.


Made For Advertising Site Audit

MFA sites that engage in fraudulent advertising can drain your advertising campaigns of valuable resources. BlokID offers an advanced contextual algorithm that effectively counters this  by accurately identifying MFA sites.

Our meticulous audits expose bot activity and low-quality sites, empowering you to prioritize genuine user engagement. Optimize campaign performance and protect your ad spend by strategically isolating valuable traffic and eliminating fraudulent sources.

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