BlokID: Immutable Digital Marketing Data Audit

We create one source of truth for all your digital advertising needs with our advanced ad fraud and data privacy solution.

Our Blockchain timestamp audit records provides 100% guarantee of accuracy.

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BlokID’s Audit Guarantee is a minimum 200% ad cost savings from annual cost of BlokID or all cost refunded

How does BlokiD works?

​​BlokID creates one source of truth by recording real time data to the blockchain.

Attribution Reconciliation

Streamline performance tracking and resolve attribution issues with BlokID. Gain clear insights into media spend impact across devices, and access unduplicated reach and frequency metrics for optimal digital advertising allocation.

BlokID's user-friendly interface for ad metrics analysis
BlokID compliance and tracking feature with blockchain-based advertising standards, integrating with TikTok, Google Analytics, Instagram, and Facebook for digital advertising security and ad metrics.

Compliance & Tracking

Ensure compliance with advertising standards using BlokID's blockchain-based tracking. Validate MFA content, monitor creative changes, understand digital advertising media spend flow, and compare impressions, clicks, and conversions with your analytics tool for transparent, auditable results.

Probabilistic Identity Resolution

Achieve privacy-compliant identity resolution with BlokID. Connect anonymous profiles across devices and channels, and unify multiple identities into a single, comprehensive profile for accurate consumer insights. Enhance data privacy and optimize digital advertising strategies with precise identity resolution.

BlokID probabilistic identity resolution, achieving privacy-compliant identity connection across devices and channels, unifying IP addresses, device IDs, and clickstream data
Our Product

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Experience the enhanced lost features of Universal Analytics.

Traffic ID

Eliminate non-human traffic and save 40% on digital ads

Payment ID

Permanent timestamp to the block chain to insure you only pay for traffic you received.

Why BlokID?

Your Data, Your Insights

Uneditable Data Analytics

BlokID boosts marketing efficiency by 40% with uneditable data analytics. Ensure data accuracy, make informed decisions, and optimize digital advertising campaigns with a reliable source of truth.

BlokID uneditable data analytics feature, boosting marketing efficiency by 40%, ensuring data accuracy, and optimizing digital ad spending.

Ad Fraud Protection

BlokID detects and blocks non-human traffic, including bot clicks and click farms. Protect your digital advertising spend on Google, Meta, and all major advertising platforms with advanced ad fraud prevention.

BlokID fraud protection detecting and blocking non-human traffic, including bot clicks and click farms, to protect ad spend on Google and Meta

Universal Analytics, Reengineered

BlokID brings back powerful Universal Analytics features lost in GA4 and enhances them. Gain deeper insights and optimize your digital advertising campaigns with advanced capabilities.

BlokID reengineers Universal Analytics features in GA4, enhancing campaign insights and optimizing digital advertising with advanced analytics capabilities.

Data Command

Ensure data ownership with blockchain technology. Enhance data security, build trust, and optimize digital advertising campaigns with transparent, unalterable analytics for deeper business insights.

BlokID data command feature ensuring data ownership with blockchain technology, enhancing data security, privacy alerts, and blockchain verification for transparent and unalterable analytics.

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BlokID feature for reclaiming website data ownership, highlighting IP address, search queries, and device ID tracking for enhanced data privacy and digital advertising security
Privacy Frameworks

BlokID is fully certified and compliant with all major privacy frameworks.

GDPR data privacy compliance in EU


Demonstrating your commitment to data privacy in the EU.

CCPA California privacy compliance


Ensuring compliance with California's privacy standards.

HIPAA health information protection


Protecting health information to maintain trust in your brand.

CPRA enhanced privacy compliance


Meeting the enhanced privacy requirements of CPRA.

GLBA consumer financial information protection


Safeguarding consumer financial information with GLBA compliance.

COPPA children's data protection compliance


Protecting children's data and ensuring compliance with COPPA.


Pricing to match every phase of your growth


Unlock new growth opportunities with data-driven insights tailored to your needs.


Enhance data security and discover which channels drive conversions.


Leverage an uneditable source of data truth with smart pricing tailored for agencies.

BlokID solutions for growth, enterprise, and agencies, featuring data-driven insights, data security, and uneditable data truth, with compliance icons for GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, CPRA, GLBA, and COPPA

Learn why BlokID is trusted by over thousands of advertisers and marketers worldwide

Leading analytics solutions compliant with all major US privacy laws.

BlokID goes beyond basic analytics. Our platform ensures full compliance with all major US privacy laws, providing marketers with complete visibility into their data.

Sahil Jain, CEO of AdStage, testimonial praising BlokID for mapping user journeys, understanding funnel metrics, retention, drop-offs, and user behaviors within a single dashboard, solving marketing attribution pain points.

“BlokID is truly an exceptional tool that helps map the user journey, understand funnel metrics, retention, drop-offs, and user behaviors all within a single dashboard. It has effectively solved my pain points for marketing attribution.”

Sahil Jain, CEO & Founder

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