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Blockchain Powered Attribution & Privacy Solutions

BlokID pioneers advanced, blockchain-powered solutions for digital advertising. Our technology enhances attribution accuracy and upholds user privacy. Embrace the cookie-less era confidently with BlokID.

Revolutionizing Ad Attribution & Privacy

In the realm of digital advertising, BlokID stands out through its unique innovations. We ensure transparent, accurate ad attribution and robust privacy, aligning with the shift towards a cookie-less ecosystem.

Immutable Attribution

BlokID offers an independent, blockchain-verified source of truth, ensuring accurate ad attribution and resolving more frequent disputes in the 'Attribution Wars'.

Privacy Insurance

Our platform notifies clients of third-party data access, providing bonded privacy insurance with blockchain timestamping for unmatched data security.

GA4 Transparency

We bring clarity to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data, offering transparency and detailed event insights to empower informed decision-making.

Transparent Attribution

Redefining Ad Attribution

BlokID's Attribution & Privacy Audits bring a new level of transparency and reliability to digital advertising. Leveraging blockchain technology, our Google Analytics plugin provides an immutable source of truth, resolving attribution discrepancies and enhancing trust in your ad campaigns.

Insightful Analytics

Analytics Transparency Reinvented

With the transition to GA4, losing detailed event insights is a common issue advertisers face. BlokID's Analytics Transparency solution revives Universal Analytics standards, offering unparalleled clarity and depth to your data analysis. Enable smart decision-making with comprehensive and transparent user analytics.

Enhanced Security

Revolutionary Privacy Insurance

In an era where data privacy is paramount, BlokID introduces the world's first blockchain-verified Privacy Insurance. This groundbreaking solution integrates with major buying platforms, providing a robust layer of security and compliance, ensuring your brand's safety in the digital space.

Enhanced Security

Integrated with Key Platforms

BlokID integrates smoothly with Google Analytics, Meta, LinkedIn, DV360, Trade Desk, Xandr, and more, enriching your marketing toolbox with advanced features for optimal efficiency and precision.

Enhanced Ease

BlokID Chrome Extension

Elevate your digital advertising experience with the BlokID Chrome Extension. This intuitive tool integrates seamlessly with your browser so you can effortlessly monitor and manage your advertising campaigns with enhanced precision and convenience.

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