About Us

BlokID: Time-Stamped AI Audit Integrity

How we got here

Create Trust, Transparency and User Protection in the new world of AI

BlokID was founded to address the unlimited growth of AI and the critical need for a permanent, uneditable audit solution. Recognizing the challenges in protecting website owners, creators, and privacy, we set out to provide a transparent and secure system.

We Started by Innovating

With our expertise in data science, blockchain, and probabilistic pattern recognition, BlokID developed an unparalleled scaling audit solution for AI. Our vision remains clear: to safeguard AI activities and ensure transparency. Thousands rely on BlokID to secure their AI operations and uphold their commitment to privacy.

Our team

Inspiring teams for success

Michael Hahn

CEO & Founder

Mike Hahn leads BlokID’s mission to redefine marketing analytics with his extensive background in SaaS and AdTech industry. With over 25 years of experience, Mike has successfully spearheaded initiatives that have driven substantial growth and innovation in the AdTech industry.  Prior to founding BlokID, Mike built an audience intelligence platform known as Vatic AI, which gained significant recognition in the industry.

Throughout his career, Mike has been instrumental in building and scaling teams, developing cutting-edge solutions, and forging strategic partnerships. His vision and leadership have earned him recognition as a thought leader in the industry.

In addition to his role at BlokID, Mike actively supports the startup community as an advisor and mentor.

Nick Jachowski

CTO & Co-Founder

Nick is the visionary CTO and co-founder of BlokID, an adtech x blockchain startup. With a robust background in technology, entrepreneurship, and environmental system science, Nick has been instrumental in driving innovation and development within the industry. Before co-founding BlokID, Nick was the brain behind Vatic AI, an audience intelligence platform that revolutionized the adtech landscape.

Nick's extensive experience in building and scaling tech solutions is complemented by his expertise in leveraging blockchain technology to enhance marketing analytics. His commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology has positioned BlokID at the forefront of AdTech innovation. Beyond BlokID, Nick is a passionate advocate for the tech community, actively mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and developers.

Hamza Atouani


With extensive experience in analytics and paid performance media, Hamza is a proven leader in campaign activation and project management. As the Head of Operations at BlokID, he champions brand consistency, cross-functional collaboration, and data-driven ROI. Hamza plays a pivotal role in BlokID’s mission to restore trust in digital advertising through blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security.

His strategic initiatives drive business growth and enhance operational efficiency, making him a key player in BlokID’s journey to transform the digital advertising landscape.

Our investors

Backed by industry-leading investors such as Ascend Ventures, AppWorks, Franklin Templeton, Arthur Becker, and Jennifer Johnson, BlokID benefits from unparalleled support and credibility, driving our mission to set the standard in AI audit integrity.

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