GA4 ID: Your Ultimate Google Analytics Companion

BlokID creates total data ownership with first click & multi-click attribution, log level visitor data, and uneditable payment audits, ensuring you only pay for the traffic you received while getting back all the transparency of universal analytics.

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Record your traffic activity in an encrypted blockchain ledger for an immutable source of truth.

A Game-changing Advantage for Marketers and Advertisers

BlokID combines GA4's privacy focus with the powerful functionalities and insights of other world-class analytics platforms.

Lost UA Features Restored

BlokID brings back the powerful functionalities you loved in Universal Analytics, now enhanced for GA4. Imagine your favorite UA features within the compliant and updated GA4 framework - seamlessly integrated under one roof.

Comprehensive Advanced Reporting

BlokID offers advanced reporting templates. Customize your reports effortlessly and gain valuable insights with standardized output.

Seamless Data Integration

BlokID allows you to connect your Analytics data with major marketing platforms to build audiences and take prompt action to increase your marketing ROAS

Payment Audits

BlokID’s payment audit functionality includes a permanent timestamp to the blockchain, providing a 100% guarantee of exactly what you should have been charged from your advertisers.

Precise Data Tracking

BlokID ensures accurate data tracking across multiple platforms and devices by leveraging blockchain technology. Validate impressions, clicks, and conversions seamlessly, bridging the gap left by GA4’s limitations.

Categorize Events Effectively

BlokID categorizes events based on multiple attribution models, providing comprehensive insights into user interactions and enhancing the precision of your data analysis.

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Transforming Data Security and Trust with Blockchain-Powered Attribution and Privacy Insurance

“BlokID is truly an exceptional tool that helps map the user journey, understand funnel metrics, retention, drop-offs, and user behaviors all within a single dashboard. It has effectively solved my pain points for marketing attribution.”

Sahil Jain, CEO & Founder

The Trusted Source for Attribution and Compliance by 1000s of Advertisers.

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