Why Multi-Channel Attribution Models Matter

Imagine this. When digital advertising began 30 years ago, the telecommunications giant AT&T was one of the first to run ads online. Their 3-month long campaign boasted a towering 44% click-through rate! Today, a click-through rate above 2% is shelved as a successful campaign.

This stark change is partly due to the large number of internet users, but also because of the steep increase in companies running ads! As a result, analyzing user behavior became an invaluable step in campaign optimization. Fast forward to today and we see analysts comb through endless sets of data, considering every metric and studying every step the user takes between initial interaction and final purchase. 

In 2023, when Google Analytics 4 substituted individual channel attribution models in favor of a data-driven model, this pulled the rug out from under the feet of existing protocol. With the new attribution model driven by a black box algorithm that offers little to no customization, the adjustment was not easy. Without a native multi-channel attribution feature, the marketer’s ability to visualize the complete user journey takes a hit, and campaign optimization is effectively hindered.

BlokID: A Bridge to Comprehensive Attribution

Through extensive market research, BlokID has emerged with a solution that’s backed by 20 patents in predictive AI. Our companion plug-in seamlessly integrates with GA4 and reintroduces multi-channel attribution functionalities, which can extract data as an independent source while maintaining total data security.

Our application empowers marketers to analyze the influence of each touchpoint, allocate resources strategically and invest in channels that demonstrate effiency, while identifying areas that need improvement. Ultimately, this gives marketers the option to choose their attribution models on a case-by-case basis, allowing for a more holistic overview of the customer’s journey.

Beyond Reintroducing Attribution: The BlokID Advantage

BlokID goes far beyond the simple reintroduction of multi-channel attribution. The inherent security and transparency of blockchain technology ensures tamper-proof data integrity, allowing marketers to make decisions with unwavering confidence.

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