BlokID: Reclaim Ownership of Your Data

BlokID uses blockchain technology for data privacy & verification, helping your business boost efficiency, reduce costs & target the right audience. Welcome to the future of data ownership.


In a world where opinions are sold for pennies, and narratives exist in multitudes, the idea of a singular truth is more like an urban myth that’s sold to optimists on the street corner.

BlokID, an analytics plug-in application, offers a permanent source of indelible data. A constant, consistent and comprehensive truth that your business can rely on. How do we do this? Before we start spilling all our secrets, let’s give you a peek at what we’re capable of.

With 20 patents in predictive AI tucked snugly under our belt, the BlokID technology can boost the efficiency of your digital marketing campaign by an average of 40%, which means you save an equivalent amount in expenses created by digital advertising costs.

What does this mean?

Lower costs & targeted reach. An undeniable win for your business.

Now that we have your attention, allow us to hold it for a moment and share our story.

Since the inception of digital advertising, companies have been at the mercy of black box algorithms and analytics platforms recommended by big tech agencies.

With the development of independent analytics platforms, businesses have slowly regained agency over their own data analysis protocols - but only in part. Even in 2024, we continue to see how false data, invalid analyses, and biased results skew the statistical reports that millions of businesses rely on.

Moreover, this data has been completely sealed by Google’s analytics platform due to privacy regulations. As a 3rd party application, Google has no jurisdiction over the data it gathers on behalf of your business, and relying on it makes you fall prey to the same conditions. However, your business has every right to access this information - as long as it comes from a private and protected source.

When the revolutionary development of blockchain technology came about, it returned an unprecedented degree of control back into the hands of business owners. BlokID’s ad-tech product stands at the frontlines of this movement.

Our solutions are set to pioneer the digital landscape, with a multi-faceted tool that values radical transparency, builds independent & indelible data sources, and restores true proprietorship in data analysis and reporting.

Now these are massive claims, and talk is cheap. So how do we actually do it? Let’s show you.


Our Product: And Why Your Business Needs It

The BlokID application acts as a plug-in for Google Analytics 4, and uses blockchain technology to harvest data from your website and create an indelible, permanent ledger of information that you can always return to. A singular, uneditable source of truth.

Unlike Google Analytics 4, Blok ID is an independent source, allowing us to build a record of data that your business has unrestricted access to, while remaining compliant and ethical.

Our product reconciles the features lost when GA4 replaced Universal Analytics, re-integrating these key features into our application to create a companion app that supersedes the base capabilities of GA4. BlokID uses the STABILITY Blockchain - the world’s first tokenless public blockchain network, which eliminates any reliance on any speculative cryptocurrency.

By leveraging this blockchain technology, the BlokID application offers uneditable, independent audit trails for your business, placing the privacy of your customer at the helm, while ensuring that your marketing efforts never go in vain.

Essentially, we offer a permanent record of transactions that cannot be altered, edited, or deleted - not by human nor computer, so when you analyze your data, every dime is accounted for, traced and factually verified.

However, this isn’t the only muscle we can flex at BlokID.

Using this data, the application identifies and separates click-bot data from verified, human-driven data, blocking it off from your website’s active digital campaigns in real time, thereby ensuring that you get more bang for every buck. It’s also able to separate and block off bot clicks, click farms, incentivized clicks, MFA bypass traffic, competitor clicks, & more.

Our application has a plethora of offerings that relate to analytics, reporting and independent verification.

We go beyond click fraud protection, offering a comprehensive suite of features that support you on your digital journey. In fact, our patented blockchain technology works to verify various data sets, a function which comes with a slew of benefits by itself.

For instance: Geo-verification ensures your ads reach the right audience. Spend verification tracks your budget like a hawk. Deep fake verification keeps your brand safe from manufactured information, and frequency verification keeps your ads from appearing too frequently to the same audience - because we all know how boring that gets!

The list goes on – fake user profile verification, AI verification, identity verification, and creative verification ensure that your campaigns are optimized, compliant, and trustworthy. We also implement Made For Advertising traffic to ensure that traffic comes from genuine sources only.

The Problem We Solve: Verification, Privacy, & More

BlokID is a multifaceted problem solver. Today, black box algorithms have created a seemingly impenetrable wall between user and data.

This prevents businesses from viewing their data in a transparent and accurate format, hindering digital optimization and eliminating any growth that might come from it. As a result, funds are poured into digital campaigns and sequestered away through fraudulent data leads, never to be seen again.

Essentially, BlokID demystifies data sets, permitting full access to indelible records with verified provenance and secure proprietorship.

What does this mean? Let’s break it down.

By reconciling the features lost along with the retraction of Universal Analytics, we’ve built a product that harvests data, removes our reliance on third-party cookies, and improves the privacy of users across the globe, without compromising on the quality of leads and data generated.

Secondly, we offer unrestrained access to the library of digital data that our application gathers for your business. Our technology verifies the origin of each data set, ensuring it comes from a trustworthy, human source. Our patented product has an in-built security system that keeps your information 100% secure.


How BlokID Can Be Used: A Revolution in Data Analytics

BlokID can be used for a range of businesses and services. Advertising agencies can leverage the application to manage digital campaigns for a number of clients.

With our unparalleled and advanced verification toolbox, agencies can make the most of their client’s budget. Regulated industries like finance, medicine, & insurance can transform the way they understand their customer, gathering more data than ever before without ever overstepping the bounds of GDPR compliance measures.

Brands can easily plug in our application to help track their own campaigns, protect their brand’s reputation and streamlining their customer’s data channels. This creates a clean, trustworthy feedback loop for the brand, empowering them to improve their service and product through precise, targeted methods.

BlokID can also be used for bigger platforms to maintain site-wide compliance and security, ensuring the platform’s safety and resilience in the long run.

With this unmatched array of features, our product stands leaps and bounds above the rest. But what makes us so sure of this?

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, BlokID holds 20 patents granted in the industry of predictive AI, our algorithm understands user intent and qualification across millions of signals in almost every country, and over 54 languages.

Our product allows you a smooth transition into a world without 3rd party cookies, while also creating an independent and indelible source of pure data that protects your customer’s data to the fullest extent.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite, what if we told you that with BlokID you don’t even need to learn a new software? BlokID leans on the pre-existing interface of GA4, integrating into our design to offer you a seamless, end-to-end, user experience.

How It Benefits Your Customer: Privacy is Our Priority

A future-forward application like BlokID is all well and good for a niche group of data-loving geeks, but how does a product like this actually influence or improve the end user’s experience?

BlokID is built to create secure harbors of data that yield customized and applicable feedback. The customer benefits from knowing that their information is safe from misuse or tampering, while also benefiting from BlokID’s tailored feedback loop.

This ensures that the customer’s experience is continuously refined with every click. By identifying and sorting data through blockchain, BlokID relinquishes the need for third-party cookies, creating a targeted, precision advertising experience for the user while respecting global compliance and privacy regulations.

By eliminating misleading data from the process, BlokID creates a channel for businesses that prioritizes their customer’s data protection and ad experience above everything else.

Upgrade without the hassle, and step into the future with BlokID.


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