Enhanced Accuracy

Attribution & Privacy Audits

Revolutionize your ad campaigns with BlokID's Attribution & Privacy Audits. Our blockchain-powered solution provides a transparent, immutable source of truth for ad attribution, ensuring data integrity and privacy compliance.

Precision Meets Privacy

Redefining Digital Trust

In the dynamic world of digital advertising, BlokID's Attribution & Privacy Audits stand out by delivering precise attribution analysis coupled with stringent privacy standards. Navigate the complexities of ad attribution with confidence and compliance.

Core Features

Unlocking Full Potential

Immutable Verification

Leverage the power of blockchain for irrefutable ad attribution verification, ensuring every aspect of your campaign is transparent, so you know exactly which campaigns and strategies are providing the best results for your marketing budgets.

Privacy Compliance

Stay ahead of privacy regulations. Our audits provide insights into data access, maintaining the highest standards of user privacy.

Integrated Auditing

Seamlessly integrate with platforms like Google Analytics for real-time auditing, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of your ad data.

Enhanced Security

Integrated with Key Platforms

BlokID integrates smoothly with Google Analytics, Meta, LinkedIn, DV360, Trade Desk, Xandr, and more, enriching your marketing toolbox with advanced, blockchain-powered features for optimal efficiency and precision.

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