BlokID Brings Back First-Click Attribute Analysis!

If you haven’t heard already, let us be the first to share the good news: First-click attribution analysis is back! But wait a minute... Didn’t Google Analytics 4 actually remove that feature back in 2023? 

Yes, indeed they did. 

Yes, we’re still wondering why. 

And that’s why we brought it back. 

BlokID is reintroducing first-click attribution models, because we understand how valuable this data was when Universal Analytics was still around. In 2023, Google Analytics 4 chose to discard this approach in favor of a data-driven attribution model, which uses machine learning to gather and analyze data. Sounds pretty cool, right? However, while it does offer an overview of your audience’s interactions, there are a few noteworthy drawbacks.

The Limitations of GA4’s Data Driven Model

While a data-driven approach using machine learning sounds pretty futuristic, in reality it’s a bit of an enigma. Without transparency, it’s difficult to tell how the data was procured, the quality of said data, or which interaction was most meaningful.

This model is also limited in customizability, which means you can’t prioritize the interactions that matter the most to your campaign. This is an issue because while data is devoid of emotions, humans are very much the opposite.The nature of interactions people have with your campaign can tell you a lot about their behavior and the efficacy of your campaign. 

Lastly, this model requires a sizable chunk of data to make any sort of report which means that nascent campaigns or small budget campaigns may not be able to gather the data needed. You’re left to rely on the remaining models which shine a spotlight on last-click attributions only - and we don’t need to explain how problematic that can be.

The BlokID Solution 

In light of these facts, we chose to restore first-click attribution analysis by bringing it to our GA4 companion plug-in - BlokID. First-click analysis allows for a much deeper understanding into user behavior and our application allows you to view interactions across campaigns, helping you understand each campaign’s effectiveness in awareness versus conversions, as well as all the interactions and events in between these two touchpoints. 

This data is valuable for brand building and understanding top-of-funnel marketing efforts, particularly in companies that have a short purchase cycle. While first-click may not be a complete measure in of itself, it provides priceless insight into user habits, contributing to a holistic understanding of data. By using blockchain technology, our application can track individual models, multiple channels, offers improved privacy, unmatched accuracy, and an indelible record of consumer interactions that you can rely on for years to come.

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